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Tips on How to Fall Asleep!

Top Google searched is Tips on how to fall asleep!!!

Spending more time trying to fall asleep rather than actually sleeping? You’re not alone. The numbers were high and I was pretty surprised!

Just the act of trying too hard can cause (or continue) a cycle of anxious, nerve-wracking energy that keeps our minds awake.

If you have anxiety you definitely want to make sure you fix your sleep routine and are going to bed the same time every night and waking up the same time as well. Sleep plays a HUGE roll-on anxiety.

And if your mind can’t sleep, it’s really difficult for your body to follow.

But there are scientific tricks you can try to flip the switch and guide your body into a safe shutdown mode.

These helped me fix my sleep for sure and I highly recommend you try them if you have a hard time falling asleep.

Check out this PDF for more information: tips on how to fall asleep

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