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What to do when anxiety takes over…

I am going to tell you about the 3-3-3 rule.

This works really well with both panic attacks and just an anxiety rush episode.

Now, this trick does not heal your anxiety, but very effectively it breaks the thought and physical pattern you are going through due to the anxiety popping up.

Let’s say you are in full anxiety mode:

1)Take 3 deep breaths. Hand on heart, and hand on the belly. Breathing in through your nose and into the belly(so make sure you are expanding the belly here) and slowly breathing out your mouth. Breathing is very important here because it allows oxygen and vitals and symptoms to soften.

2)I know this can be tough, but focus on finding all 3!
3 things you can see.
3 things you can hear
Move 3 body parts
EX: Move your neck from left to right
Move your arms up and down
Twist your ankles

By doing this, you will enter a new estate of being. You have broken that intense anxiety pattern that was brought on.
I know this exercise may sound silly or sound too simple but trust me, it works!

It is important to remember, this does not heal the root cause of your anxiety but will definitely help you calm down and move through that very unpleasant moment.

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