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Merry Christmas! It is now time to…

write 2021 goals!
Definitely, it has been a tough year for many, but we are stepping into the new year, and between now and the 1st of January is really the best time to sit down and get some clarity about your life.

What do you want in your personal life?
What do you want next career-wise?
What do you want on a deeper level?

Here are a few great questions to get you started:

1. Is it a goal I want, or just something I feel I should do?
2. Why do I actually want to do it?
3. What are my core values?
4.Which parts of my life conflict with my values?
5.What do I not like about myself that I would like to change?
6.What habits would I like to establish/stop/change?
7.What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
8.What is my “why” in life?

Number 8 is one that I will spend a good time getting clarity on this week. I think it is important for anyone to get to the WHY!

Here are some WHY questions:
1. What makes you come alive?
2. What are your innate strengths?
3. Where do you add the greatest value?
4. How will you measure your life?

Wishing you an amazing day filled with love and may all your stress fade away and your heart is filled with wonder and warmth. Merry Christmas!


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