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The reason I am always pushing out messages about the importance of healing your anxiety is not to grow my business.

I push a message like this because I have been on both ends.
I had terrible anxiety for almost 10 years and it was super crippling.

Noone understood my anxiety, it was very lonely, people would laugh at me when I told them about it, and the emergency room was my best friend!

I was not living! I was always in fear and phobia.
My mind was beyond foggy, I was suffering in life, my thoughts and my mind ruled my entire life and all my emotions and it was terrible!

Yes, it takes commitment to heal! YES, you have to want to heal and YES you have to believe you CAN heal!
These are so important! I would say the most important factor of all is wanting to heal and wanting a better life for yourself.

It is possible! and I know this sounds cliche, but truly if I was able to heal my anxiety, you definitely can heal yours! And I only say this because I honestly had terrible anxiety and I never thought I could ever end mine.

5 years anxiety-free and I am living a completely other life!
YOU CAN TOO! You just have to WANT to!

โค๏ธ Choose healing for 2021! I promise you won’t regret it.

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How anxiety effects you and why it is so important to heal

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