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Resentment to Cancer ?

Resentments are just like drinking heavy poison for the body. It is a mixture of disappointment, disgust, anger, and fear, and stress.

When you hold on to resentment you are holding on to all of these feelings at all times. They are sitting in your gut. This is the perfect recipe for diseases like cancer to grow inside.

Resentments are also heavy blocks that hold us back from loving ourselves. Great! Another ingredient added to the cocktail!

Resentments do no punish the other person, they punish US! Have you ever thought when you hold on to such heavy feelings, what are actually doing to your insides? Your cells all depend on your wellbeing. And that is not only by diet exercise.

Go ahead and eat well and go to the gym all day long, but if you are holding on to heavy and poisonous feelings, you are still placing your body in serious danger!

Letting go of resentments does not mean we allow the other person to do anything to us that they want. It means we accept what happened in the past, and we set boundaries for the future. We can let go of resentments and still have boundaries.

Put incidents that are causing you this poison to rest and begin healing! Save your health from diseases! Save yourself from yourself.❤️

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