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Ignore your lessons and pay the price tag later!

This is a very personal post for me!
In life we make mistakes and that’s ok. The downside of that is sometimes big price tags are attached to those mistakes.
Was it a preventable mistake?
The answer is 99% YES.

I made a mistake in my life. I ignored the red flags! I saw them, but I ignored them.
If I ask myself today, was it preventable? The answer is 100% yes! Did I beat myself up for it? YOU BET!
Did beating up myself undo the mistake? Nope!
Did I pay a price tag? You bet I did!

I went on a self-discovery and got to the following points to be able to move on from the anger.
1. Take 100% responsibility for my mistake
2. Discover the lessons
3. Forgive myself and anyone else involved
4. Forget the mistake
5. Never forget my lessons!

If you go through a mistake and pay a price tag, don’t you dare forget the lesson! No matter the circumstances, never give up the lesson!
You see that same scenario show up again for you in the future, remind yourself of your lessons, and always choose the lesson. The lesson is your jail free card to not pay the next price tag. Remember, sometimes the price tags are super high and you might end up paying for them your entire life! Take your lessons SERIOUSLY!

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