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Having a Hard Time With Forgiveness ?

Expressing your forgiveness directly to the person who hurt
you isn’t always necessary, or you simply can not.

Forgiving someone is for your OWN benefit, not theirs. Forgiveness is the release of thoughts and feelings that have kept you tied to the past. This CAN be done without the other person’s participation.
This will allow you to let go of the regrets, resentments, or punishment that may be sitting dark and heavy in your being.

A great therapy method I recommend is by writing a letter expressing how you feel. This can help you let go of the negative emotions. This letter isn’t to be sent or mailed.

This letter is for you. Once you are done, you can burn it, shred it, and so on. This simple method is super powerful and helpful.

To let go of the resentments and the regrets can be very difficult because you have to learn and practice to find meaning in your emotional wounds. You must accept, experience, process, and release to heal and come out stronger.

If you are holding on to any of these feelings, work hard to forgive and let go! The buildup of these emotions results in not only a heavy heart and mindset but also will affect your physical health more than you can ever imagine!

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