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6 Key Steps to Stop The Cause of Your Stress! Learn to Say Goodbye to Stress Forever!

I decided to write my first blog about stress because a lot of people call me “lucky” regarding this topic.
It is not luck, and something you can easily apply to your life as well.

Let’s get to the 6-steps I apply when stress wants to come and stay:


What are you stressing about?
Create a list so you can see what you are stressing about. There is not a wrong or right! If it causes you stress, note it down.
Example: Job


Tackle one item at a time, or else it can get very overwhelming and you will give up all together! Remember this is not a race, it is a marathon and so take your time with it.



Now that you have your list, have a look and see what is causing you stress within that. Question to as yourself: What about (answer to step 1) causes you stress?
Example: The way my boss speaks to me (step 1 example was job)



Let’s go even deeper in getting to the core of what is causing you stress. What within step 2 causes you stress?
Example: She/he makes me feel dumb and unappreciated.



Give your reasons in step 3 valid supporting facts.
For example in step 3: The way your boss speaks to you makes you feel dumb and unappreciated. The way you feel is always valid and it is not to be discounted, however let’s look at facts of reality:

  1. You are not dumb as you have a job and you won your interview between many candidates.
  2. You are appreciated because they are investing in you and you are being paid by the company. If they didn’t appreciate you or want you on board, you would not be there. `

This is a place you need to get real and raw with yourself! Start to be open to how this may be your version of the story. A lot of times (most of the time), we see situations how we want to and attach our own meanings. Once you can view it from this space, you are no longer controlled by the power of stress.



At times there are reasons that are valid and more than just your version of the story.
For example: My boss calls me stupid at times.
Well this is no longer your story. Your boss is legit calling you names and there is supporting fact to that. This is where you need an action plan.

Plan option 1: You can approach the situation (Meet with your boss)

Plan option 2: Change – you can move on from the situation. (Get a new job).

For people who are thinking “well I can’t just change my job”, sure you are can! The choice is always yours! Change is always there and always available for you to take it on, but the question is… will you?

Plan option to AVOID – Not approach the situation because it is uncomfortable and stay as is. Remember the exercise and dedication here is to LIVE STRESS-FREE!
This action plan should not even be an option for you.



You may read many books or blogs, but till action is not taken, nothing will change for you. It takes practice, courage, stepping out of your comfort zone and self love.


Please note that I am not discrediting other methods out there, but this is a method that has continuously worked for me time and after time and that’s why I want to share it with you.

I offer coaching sessions if you need and you can contact me via my site for a 15-minute free consultation. Together we can achieve any blockages that may be stopping you from living your best life.

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Thanks again for taking time out of your day to be apart of mine.





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