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Why do I always procrastinate Bibi ?

You think you do it because you just don’t feel like doing the task right? WRONG!
It is much deeper than that. It is not due to a character flaw or your ability to manage time. It is about avoiding unwanted negative emotions
Certain tasks can cause you boredom, anxiety, insecurity, frustration, resentment, self-doubt, and beyond.

For example:
You need to call the bank to figure out your finances. You keep avoiding this task because your credit might be bad or you think that you will hear something you don’t want to hear.
You do not want to feel like you are a failure, inadequate, lack money management, and so on.
These are your stories whereas the reality may be vastly different.
The anticipation and procrastination will cause you many negative emotions and thoughts! When tasks get delayed you are falling behind in your life.

Tip: Ask yourself what emotion you are trying to avoid and why?
First: Discover 3 emotions
Next: Identify reality or your story(99% your story)
Finally: Take action

Avoidance acts as a short-term mood fix. We escape facing our fears, anxiety, or frustrations, but then feel worse with ourselves. Deep inside, we know procrastination is not an accident, but a personal choice.

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