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What Does Anxiety Feel Like ?

Many people say “I don’t know” when I ask them if they have anxiety. They know they are feeling something that seems off but they are not sure if it is anxiety. They are just not familiar with it.

2.6 billion people suffer from anxiety; therefore I thought this post is important. For those who experience it and for those who don’t, and most importantly for those who are not sure if they have anxiety or not.
In the presentation below I cover how anxiety feels and affects life, but here are the common symptoms for you:

1. Excessive worrying
2. Feeling agitated
3. Restlessness
4. Fatigue
5. Difficulty concentrating
6. Irritability
7. Tense muscles
8. Trouble falling or staying asleep
9. Panic attacks

“No one can live a life untouched by anxiety. But with the right skills and the right help, no one needs to live one that is destroyed by it, either.” -Jeffrey Kluger

Check out this PDF on more information : WHAT ANXIETY FEELS LIKE (1)

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