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Stop treating yourself like ๐Ÿ’ฉ!

Carl Rogers really hit the nail on the head: โ€œHow we think about ourselves impacts both our psychological health and our future goal achievements.โ€

A person with high self-worth faces adversity and thrives, while a person with low self-esteem cannot truly function in the world.
I believe without acceptance or without working on our issues we stand in our own way in life.

Now, acceptance doesnโ€™t mean that you should not work on the things you donโ€™t like about yourself, but it means you should accept yourself as you are TODAY! If you think you have gained weight and you donโ€™t like what you see, well yes go to the gym, yes to eating better, but NO to daily self-abuse and comparisons.

What is a great practice? Next time you are with friends, family or just out in public, OBSERVE!

You can find something beautiful in every person you come across. Yes, you can! You just have to see it. Once you start to see that in others, you will then realize that the same goes for you! Everyone out there canโ€™t have something unique or beautiful about them but you! We are all the same! Human! So you are the same as the rest of us.

Remember no one is perfect and neither are you! Be kind to yourself and stop your obsession with perfection!

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