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Social Anxiety

Having many socially anxious clients, it is so interesting to see how much people with social anxiety think that every single person out there is just sitting there and waiting to judge them in some shape or form.

Some major symptoms:
Intense worry for days, weeks, or even months before an upcoming social situation
Extreme fear of being watched or judged by others,
Fear that you’ll act in ways that will embarrass or humiliate yourself

The truth of the matter is, again, like every other type of anxiety, the fear is only happening in YOUR mind, it is not happening out here in the real world.
Your fear is not to be discounted but the truth of the matter is everyone is busy dealing with their own STUFF.

People just dont care as much as you obsess and think that they do! You will overthink for days, weeks, or months, whereas the other person has already moved on because they are involved in obsessing and figuring out their own lives.

If you experience social anxiety it is so important to work with a professional and heal. Social anxiety is one of the most toxic types of anxieties because you are really missing out on life and it can truly make you stand in your own way in enjoying and growing in all areas of your life.

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