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Many people imagine that there is a right and wrong choice to be made in every situation. If their decision leads to the result they desire, then they made the right decision. If it doesn’t, then they made the wrong decision.

If this is you, well you do not have a very healthy mindset and all you will do is invite REGRETS into your life and regrets are a waste of time!

For every choice we make, we use the experience, information, and intentions available to us in that particular moment in which we make it.

Someone at 40 years old says “I should have never made that decision at 18 years old!”
How is it fair to judge your 18-year-old self at 40 years old? At 40 you are another human being! You did the best you could with the most that you knew at that age.

All you are doing here is self-sabotage and living in the poison of regret. If you want true happiness and peace in your life, you MUST let go of this type of nonsense!

Who we are is the distillation of all our experiences. Sometimes a decision turns into a gift and sometimes a challenge. Whom we become as a result of those challenges and gifts is the right person to become, whom we’re supposed to become.

Life is in the NOW! Practice self-acceptance and move forward!

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