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No Boundaries = No Self-Respect!

Having boundaries is so much more than being able to say YES or NO. The real value is in having boundaries for yourself!
Putting yourself first without feeling guilty, saying no without self-doubt, standing up for what you believe in without apologizing, feeling the way you feel without shame, and walking away from something because it simply does not make you happy without having to justify your reasons!

Draw these important lines in your life today! The absence of boundaries can actually cause more harm than good in your life. How? Here are a few examples:

· Staying in a bad relationship
· Putting up with a terrible job
· Regrets because you couldn’t say yes or no
· Allowing people to take advantage of you
· Living for others
· Anxiety
· Feeling stuck
· Obsessive thinking
The list goes on and on….

It goes even deeper than that.
NO boundaries = NO Self-love, self-respect, self-worth, and confidence.

Where there is no self-love or self-confidence is where it gets very messy. Every part of your life needs work then.

Promise yourself you will use one of these next time you feel cornered.
Start by just one and then build your way up.

By not doing it you are pretty much shooting yourself in the foot daily.


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