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Many people tell me I am one of the most confident people they have ever met and ask “what is the secret”?

My response: I worked extremely hard to get here and it doesn’t stop here. You can be sure I’ve had my share of lack of confidence too. We all have or do! And that’s ok, but as long as at some point you choose better for yourself.

Our confidence is always being tested. It is a mindset practice of self-love, judgment, compassion, and acceptance to keep you in check.

Comparison is most toxic for confidence. Acceptance is most rewarding!

Nowadays, with social media around we have all become automatic pros in comparing ourselves.

Get inspired but do not compare!

In my opinion, confidence is the KEY ingredient in anything you do in life.

Here are a few tips for you :
1. Stop the comparing
2. Take care of your body
3. Practice acceptance and being enough
4. Write 5 things you love about yourself every day
5. Notice when you are being mean to yourself and change it

By the number of clients I have with social anxiety, this is a huge problem in our world right now.

Be kind to yourself and others! Less judging and more loving…both internally and externally in the outside world.

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