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Is this you? Feel no shame! It used to be me too!

I have to start this post by saying if this is you right now, it does not have to be you going forward.
That all depends on you, but you can overcome it all.

This is exactly how I felt. I was emotionally done, mentally drained, spiritually dead, but I had to wake up, smile, and move on with the day because my bills didn’t care how I was feeling and well the sun didn’t stop rising because I was feeling done and drained. So ultimately it was up to me!

Anxiety=lonley. I was so lonely in mine. No one understood me and well I didn’t really expect them to either. It was my battle.

I had become so good at slapping on the smile, that I actually would have silent anxiety attacks. I would have them and no one could tell on the outside.

I remember one time I left a party(where I had anxiety the entire time) and I thought to myself that I am really not living. I am kind of dead actually.

That night I decided I am going to start dedicating my life to my healing. In the morning I went to work and on my lunch break I called this coach I had my eye on for a while and the rest is history.

Now I am living in the moment and I am anxiety free and so happy.
You can be exactly here with me! You just have to choose HEALING! ❤️

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