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Are Anxiety & Stress The Same Thing ?

The first step is to…

⭐️Recognize that when you are feeling stressed it is different from feeling anxious or having anxiety.

⭐️Stress is short term more so and it is by external factors.
However, anxiety is mostly internal factors. Fears, trauma, phobias, and so on.

⭐️The problem is that these 2 words have been tangled up together for many and therefore some people have a hard time knowing if they are just stressed or if they have anxiety!

I must note that BUILT-UP stress overtime can turn in to anxiety.

Use this great tool for both anxiety or stress. It will help you to change your state of feeling from intense, flustered, and harsh to soft, calm, and definitely more grounded.

Here is my PDF to explain further: Pink and Orange Modern Empowerment Keynote Presentation

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