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A note to the overthinkers

This is exactly what overthinking looks like for someone. If you are an overthinker, no wonder you are super anxious. Every scenario is taken to the extreme and worrying about a million things that may go wrong.

You are obsessed with control. You worry and obsess over everything and anything because you want to be ready for any given outcome.

You create so many scenarios in your mind and almost none will ever come true, but in the process, you drive yourself crazy fearing and believing those will truly take place.

This is one of the most toxic ways a person can live. What this truly shows is that your mind is out of control and you need to start setting some limits and boundaries.

Here are some tips for you :
1.Catch yourself. Instead of thinking 20 thoughts, narrow it down to 3 possibilities of an outcome
2.Notice your thoughts. “I am a bad person” in to, “I notice I am thinking I am a bad person”
3.Journal. Vent out on paper and not in your mind. Not doing so only adds up and causes you anxiety
4.Set a deadline. I know you like to obsess but have a deadline. Sit and obsess for 10 minutes about something and MOVE ON!

“Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there” – power of positivity


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